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Бизнес для богемы. Когда увлечение приносит доход

Бизнес для богемы. Когда увлечение приносит доход
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Бизнес для богемы. Когда увлечение приносит доход
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Tom Hodgkinson
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Business for Bohemians: Live Well, Make Money
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The 4-Hour Work Week meets Monty Python―the ultimate, entertaining handbook for controlling your work destiny and enjoying yourself along the way

Ready to be your own boss? If cash flow forecasts, tax returns, and P&Ls sound horrifying, fear not: help is at hand. Journalist Tom Hogkinson has spent his career advocating for laid-back living, and in Business for Bohemians, he combines practical advice with hilarious anecdotes to create a refreshingly candid guidebook for all of us who aspire to a greater degree of freedom in our working lives.

Whether you dream of launching your own graphic design startup or growing your Etsy store into a full-scale operation in your spare time, Business for Bohemians will equip you with the tools to turn your talents into a profitable and enjoyable business. Accounting need no longer be a dark art. You will become a social media maven and a friend of the spreadsheet. You will learn the art of negotiation, how to get paid, and how to decide which clients to take. You will discover that laziness can be a virtue. Above all, you will realize that freedom from the nine-to-five life is achievable―and, with Hodgkinson’s comforting, pragmatic and extremely funny advice at hand, you might even enjoy yourself along the way.