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About us

Our books are the key to your success!

Olympus Business made its name by introducing to the Russian reader in 1996 the world famous «Principles of Corporate Finance» by Richard Brealey and Stewart Myers. It immediately became a bestselling book on the Russian market.This initial success set the standard and direction for Olympus Business. Our aim is to publish the finest Russian and foreign works on finance, management, corporate management, securities trading, economics, marketing, human resources, oil industry, retail business and even sport. The intended readers are professionals of all ages.

In fifteen years of independent publishing, Olympus Business has created a powerful content library that contains the best ideas in the field of managing both large corporations and small businesses, as well as personal development for managers and professionals. On a personal level, our books help those who are striving to make progress and to improve their skills, and to find a healthy balance between work and life, without going against their own moral values. On the corporate level, we are promoting trend-setting knowledge and skills, advanced techniques and technologies, creativity and independent decision-making, combined with teamwork and quality service development in order to build successful businesses with strong brands.

At the social level, we are aiming to cover the leading approaches to public administration and contemporary leadership. We also focus on providing our readers with concepts of democratic development in Russia, social responsibility and environmental consciousness. Our human concern is to nurture tolerance and the ability to solve conflicts, in our readers.

We are aware that, in the past, Russian society was seriously poisoned by fear and authoritarianism and contemporary society imposes the challenges of mediocrity and consumerism. There is not much space for real change and for civil participation by young leaders. However, we will carry on working in our modest niche in order to promote the most advanced international ideas, knowledge and technologies.

Our portfolio contains classic business books, collected works on business, famous brands, business concepts and corporatehistories, top-level fundamental research, and the best text books on finance, management and consulting. We also publish memoirs, documentary fiction and non-fiction on history and economics.

Olympus Business’s list of authors includes: Andrey Anikin, Janelle Barlow, Sergey Belkin, Piter L. Bernstein, Joseph H. Boyett, Jimmie T. Boyett, Richard A. Brealey, Radislav Gandapas, Michael E. Gerber, Arkady Dvorkovitch, Donald DePamphilis, Daniel Johnston, Des Dearlove, Robert S. Kaplan, Philip Kotler, John P. Kotter, William L. Leffler, Peter Lorange, Michael Lewis, Stewart C. Myers, Thomas W. Malone, Henry Mintzberg, Vitaly Mukhortov, Ikujiro Nonaka, David P. Norton, Victor Orlovskyi, Jerry Porras, C. K. Prahalad, Hubert K. Rampersad, Vladislav Rythchkov, Joep P. M. Schrijvers, Peter M. Senge, Hernando de Soto, Hirotaka Takeuchi, Aleksandndr Tovb, Garegin Tosunyan, Gary Hamel, Eugeny Khartukov, Grigory Tsipes and many others.

Our publishing house works closely with over fifty leading foreign publishing houses, among them Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Campus Verlag, Financial Times, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, Kogan Page, Pearson Education, PennWell, Butterworth Heinemann, Cambridge University Press, Doubleday, Harvard Business School Press, ELSEVIER, LID Editoria, Oxford University Press, Prentice Hall, Profile Books, Productivity Press, and Liberty Hall Press.

Olympus Business is the only Russian publishing house that is represented in the reputable International Association of Business Book Publishers with headquarters in Madrid (http://www.businesspublishersroundtable.com/).Vladimir Stabnikov, our CEO, is President of the Association.

We work hard to promote our books both in bookstores and in public awareness through events and competitions.

Olympus business publishing house is taking part in most of the international book fairs, such as the London and Frankfurt book fairs and Book Expo America. We also participate in the industry-specific exhibitions and conferences on a regular basis. Over the last few years, we have also been presenting our books at the Saint-Petersburg Economic Forum (http://www.forumspb.com), the Association of Russian banks Congress (http://www.arb.ru/site/eng/) and at Skolkovo.

Our books are reviewed in newsmagazines (Forbes«, «Shareholders’ Herald », «Kommersant», «CEO», «Finance», «Vedomosti», «Harvard Business Review Russia» et c) and business-oriented magazines («Russian oil», «CFO», «Managers’ Association Herald» et c.), as well as web-sites (www.e-xecutive.ru, www.advertology.ru, www.bankir.ru, www.banki.ru and other).

Olympus Business is holding marketing campaigns together with radio stations («Business FM», «Kommersant FM», «CityFM» and other) and web sites (www.mail.ru, www.headhunter.ru et c). We also participate in professional seminars and arrange for our popular business books authors to visit Russia and speak in front of industry-oriented audiences. We are also part of «No fear» project, which is a platform for young professionals and leaders community communication. The project was initiated by our author, Pekka A. Viljakainen , and presented during this year’s Saint-Petersbourg economic forum http://www.forumspb.com/ with forty-one top-ranked CEO’s videocomments. (http://nofear-community.com/).